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Commercial Compacting Service

Waste Connections of Texas, Houston offers several types of high-capacity commercial compactors that are engineered to be left on customer premises. They can be hand-fed, chute-fed or hopper-fed.

Self-Contained Commercial Compactors: Best for customers with high-volume, low-density waste materials such as the wet waste of super markets, hospitals and hotels.

Stationary Commercial Compactors: This application can help reduce your waste stream by three to four times therefore reducing the frequency of collection and cost.

Advantages of Compactor Container Systems:

  • Experienced, highly-trained drivers for timely service and safe operation on your property
  • Custom-built loading options for easy access to load waste materials based on OSHA standards
  • Customizable options including pressure gauge, hold to run button and multi-cycle timer
  • Drive-on tread plates to accommodate dock loading situations
  • Flexible service programs, including adjustable on-call collection service
  • Closed, heavy-gauge steel container controls pests and odor and is fire and leak-resistant
  • On-call maintenance program for worry free maintenance during entire contract period
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