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Our Front End Load commercial waste containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Available in both flat top and slant top styles, please consult the dimensions and enclosure requirements below to ensure you have the space necessary to accommodate a sturdy steel Waste Connections container. If you need help choosing, please contact us and ask to speak with one of our skilled commercial garbage collection experts to better assess your waste disposal needs. We specialize in dumpster rentals!

Each Front End Load Container Holds:

  • 2-yard Top Loading Container |-> approx. 14 bags of garbage
  • 4-yard Top Loading Container |-> approx. 28 bags of garbage
  • 6-yard Top Loading Container |-> approx. 42 bags of garbage
  • 8-yard Top Loading Container |-> approx. 56 bags of garbage

Casters and locking devices are also available to help make your commercial waste containers more manageable and secure.

Front End Load Container Enclosure Requirements:

PAD – Minimum inside dimensions are 12’ wide and 12’ deep. Concrete must be 3000 p.s.i., steel-reinforced and 6” thick. Top of pad must be at ground level with a concrete apron at least 4’ long.

GATE OPENING – Recommended minimum is 12’ hinge to hinge. Gates must open 180˚ (Hinges should be on outside of wall). To prevent the wind from causing damage during service, a gate stop should be located 135˚ from closed position.

Enclosure Requirements

OUR TRUCKS NEED ROOM TO WORK! Front-loader trucks are approximately 32’ long when carrying the container.

Container Dimensions:
2 Yard 4 Yard
Bottom Width72”Bottom Width72”
Top Width74 ½”Top Width74 ½”
Depth35”Depth50 ½”
Front Height32 ¾”Front Height44 ¾”
Back Height42 ½”Back Height59”
6 Yard
Bottom Width72”Bottom Width72”
Top Width74 ½”Top Width74 ½”
Depth65 ½”Depth66”
Front Height50 ¾“Front Height59 ½”
Back Height57 ½”Back Height59 ½”
8 Yard
Bottom Width72”Bottom Width72”
Top Width74 ½”Top Width74 ½”
Front Height51 5/8”Front Height80 ¼”
Back Height71 5/8”Back Height80 ¼”

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